The anvil with a heated iron ingot upon it with oil visible to the left.

The anvil is one of the primary tools used alongside the forge. Heated ingots of the same metal must be placed onto the anvil so they can be hammered into various weapon heads. In order to select what type of head is being forged, you have to use the 'Z' Radial Menu. Weapon heads will be hot after being forged, and must be cooled off before being assembled at the workbench. While heads cool off over time (and larger heads cool off more slowly), the oil to the left of the anvil can cool off a part dipped in it immediately.

Weapons and shields can be disassembled into the original parts assebled on the by putting them on the anvil and hitting it with a hammer workbench

Known Bugs Edit

  • Ingots may overlap when placed on the anvil rapidly. You can grab one of the overlapping ingots and shake it to remove and replace it in the correct location.

History Edit

Alpha 0.0.82:

  • Fixed - Can no longer turn ingots that are on the anvil with other ingots not on Anvil.
  • Fixed - All weapons heads now will spawn in the center of the anvil.
  • Fixed - Duping on the anvil will not be possible.

Alpha 0.0.81:

  • Grip-Guard spawning multiple guards on anvil when dissassembling
  • Axe heads spawning in multiples on anvil when dissassembling

Alpha 0.0.8:

  • Added - Weapon Refining 1.0. Right now all weapon heads have stats you can adjust. Press Shift+Left Click to begin the process of refining your weapons when the weapon head is on the anvil and heatedRight click to stop the moving bar.
  • Fixed - You can no longer spam left clicks while on the anvil.

Alpha 0.0.73:

  • Added- Sparks for hits on the anvil.
  • Added- You can now click on weapons on anvil to break apart.

Alpha 0.0.72:

  • Changed - Now you can only choose an option with the "Z" menu when you have ingots on the anvil. Also, weapon heads that cannot be created will be grayed out based on the amount of ingots on the forge.*

*It is believed that Anvil was meant rather than forge here

Alpha 0.0.7:

  • Fixed - More work on anvil/ingot interaction.
  • Changed - Decrease the size of the ingots 2/3 of its original size. Will help with better placement on the anvil.

Alpha 0.0.63:

  • Fixed - For the number of ingots not being recognized properly when placed on the anvil. It should be more accurate and allow you to create the right item based on the number of ingots.

Alpha 0.0.62:

  • Changed - Ingots now will snap to the anvil. Still not working perfect but this forms the basis for better iterations.

Alpha 0.0.5:

  • **Turning ingot bars to weapon heads require more hits on the anvil.***(Some require more hits then others)
  • Made changes to how you dissassemble weapons. You need to put the weapons on the anvil and click on the anvil to break the weapons.

Alpha 0.0.4:

  • Fixes to the anvil and cycling between weapons.

Alpha 0.0.3:

  • New one hand and two hand grip and blades. You can access the new blades by swapping them at the anvil.
  • Changed how ingots and the anvil works. - You need to have the right amount of ingots to make a blade, hammer head etc.. At the moment, 1 ingot will be used for smaller parts like knife blades, which are not in the game yet. 2 ingots are required for normal size blades and hammer heads and 3 ingots are needed for large sized blades and hammer heads. These might change in the future but I think it should work long term.