Information is based on version 0.1.0o.

The Character Sheet is a sheet of paper the player can look at by pressing the "P" key on the keyboard (default, can be changed in "Controls" menu). Looking at the Character Sheet does not pause the game, but it does hold the player in place. The Character Sheet show details about the player as follows (top to bottom):

  • The player's name, which can be changed by clicking "Edit".
  • The player's level, which starts at 1.
  • The player's experience. Making tools will increase the number on the left of the slash, and once it matches the number on the right, the level will increase by 1. This will be accompanied by a message in the bottom left corner of the screen stating "LEVEL UP!('P' to view level)"
  • The player's stats, which all start at 1 and can be increased using "Points". The 4 stats are: Strength, which decreases required hammer hits by 1 every 5 Points; Agility, which increases movement speed by 6%; Charisma, which increases sale price by 1%; Intelligence, which increases each part's overall stats, but is not yet implemented.
  • The player's available Points. Each time the player gains a level, he/she will be awarded 5 Points to upgrade his/her stats.
  • The description of whichever stat the player moused over last.
    Character Sheet

    The character sheet as of 0.1.0o. The arrow buttons to the right of the stats appear only if the player has available Points.