Crystals are a hidden collectible item in My Little Blacksmith Shop, which currently serve the purpose to [redacted]


Crystal confirmation

Crystals are mysterious items found throughout the game world.

The crystals have a use, but are not a main story point yet, But according to the Devoloper, Dasius, they will eventually be a main focal point for the game's story. [1]

The Five CrystalsEdit

There are Five known crystals as of the 0.0.9e update. They are the Dark Crystal (Fear), Light Crystal (Protection), the red/orange crystal [fire], and the Blue Crystal [Ice], And the Green Crystal [Earth].


In order of appearance the crystals are the Light Crystal, Fire Crystal, Dark Crystal, and Ice Crystal.

The Crystal's use. Edit

Contained inaccuracies and spoilers, Section was changed.

They have a use, and it isn't just "being lights" Searching for the answer is part of the fun.

Side-Note - If your crystals are flubbernucked, Slipcor's v0.0.9e save-fixer has a feature to reset them.

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