The fire crystal is one of the four crystals hidden throughout the environment as of Alpha 0.0.82. It is labeled as Crystal (Unknown), possibly because a lighting effect similar to the light crystal or dark crystal is not yet implemented.


The fire crystal is found inside the Blacksmith's shop. It is hovering in the flames of the torch to the left of the main shop door. This makes it the easiest crystal to find and often times most player's first crystal.


The red, unknown crystal (probably Fire) as it floats in the Blacksmith's Shop as of Alpha 0.0.82.

Touching the CrystalEdit

Unlike the two named crystals, the light crystal (protection) and the dark crystal (fear), the fire crystal has no unique visual effect upon picking it up. It also remains labeled as Crystal (Unknown). This is possibly because it's development is not complete. This is similar to the water crystal.

Unknown fire

The red, unknown crystal (probably fire) and it's label, being held in the Blacksmith's shop.