A forge with three different cooled ingots on it. The bellows can be seen towards the back left.

The Forge is an essential part to blacksmithing. It is used to heat up ingots so they can be forged on the anvil into weapon heads. In order to activate the Forge, the player must head to the left and activate a bellows with a left click. The forge will then activate for a short period, heating up ingots while they are on top of the forge. A single activation is more than enough time to heat ingots that are on top of them to full heat, at which point they go from "Cooled _____ Ingot" to "Heated _____ Ingot". It is important to use ingots while they are in this state on the anvil, as cooled ingots cannot be hammered into weapon heads. Cooling occurs whenever heating is not taking place, and when they have reached their lowest temperature their state reverts into cooled ingots. The bellows can be activated again right after the forge stops producing heat.

Weapon heads can also be heated on a forge to change their state

History Edit

Alpha 0.0.82:

  • Fixed - HammerHead should now display its status properly when heated on the forge.

Alpha 0.0.7:

  • Fixed - The burnt coal on the forge is now scaled down so you can lay ingots flat without them rolling off the forge.
  • Changed - Updated the Forge model to give it more personality.
  • Added - New GUI elements.
    • (Edit)Added - You can now reheat weapon heads in the forge. Heated weapon heads are the only way to cycle through all of the weapon heads.

Alpha 0.0.6:

  • Fixed - Ingot bars should work properly with the forge.