The Great Hammer is a weapon. Its preferred classes are Paladins and Berserkers.

Assembly Edit

Large Blunt Head - 3 Ingots

Two Handed Grip

Heat the Ingots on the forge and put them on the anvil. Hold down 'Z' while looking at the Anvil and select 'Blunts' from the radial menu. Hit the heated ingots until they turn into a Hammer Head. While it is still heated you can, hold 'Shift' and click the left mouse button and then right click on the head to give it a quality boost. Dip the blade in the oil and bring it to the workbench to connect the grip.

History Edit

Alpha 0.0.71:

  • Fixed - Quick fix to Greathammer heads unaccesible.
  • Fixed - Greathammer heads not selling

Alpha 0.0.7:

  • Changed - Changes to how you select different weapon heads. You need to press "Z" and select the head you want. So you still need to cycle thru each part but you don't need to cycle through blade heads to reach hammer heads. This feature is still in development as expected.
  • Changed - Changes to how the Customer recognizes combined weapon parts.
  • Great Hammers can only be made with large Hammer heads and long grips,
  • One hand hammer can only be made with a normal hammer head and normal grips.

Alpha 0.0.3:

  • Changed how ingots and the anvil works. - You need to have the right amount of ingots to make a blade, hammer head etc.. At the moment, 1 ingot will be used for smaller parts like knife blades, which are not in the game yet. 2 ingots are required for normal size blades and hammer heads and 3 ingots are needed for large sized blades and hammer heads. These might change in the future but I think it should work long term.