Guards are a weapon part used to create weapons to sell in the Blacksmith's Shop in My Little Blacksmith Shop.


4 swords

The four guards on the two types of sword.

There are two main types of guards, each used to attach to different grips when creating a sword-type weapon.

  • One Hand Guard
  • Two Hand Guard

These guards attach to their respective grip on the workbench. If you place a guard on the wrong grip, you can remove it by placing the combination on the anvil and hitting it with a hammer. The same goes if you attach the blade before the guard. Attaching a guard to a grip will prevent you from placing a blunt or axe head onto the combination. You can still attach any size blade, however. You will only make the proper weapon if you use the proper size: regular blade for a one hand sword, and a large blade for a greatsword.


3 1h guards

The three variants of One Hand Guards.

The One Hand Guard has three different variants, which function the same but have different aesthetic appeal. They are all the same price on the place order, so the only reason to buy one over the other is for looks.

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