The Ice Crystal is one of the four crystals hidden throughout the environment as of Alpha 0.0.82. It is labeled as Ice Crystal (Unknown), possibly because a lighting effect similar to the light crystal or dark crystal is not yet implemented.


The ice crystal is found in a boat on the small river to the right of Geoffrey's Parts Shop. Like all other crystals, it is floating. Swimming out to the boat is simple, although the player cannot jump while in water. The crystal is just at the edge of the player's reach when swimming next to the boat. In version 0.0.9, it was possible for the player to jump onto the wall of the bridge, then from there onto the boat. However, as of 0.1.0o, doing this has been made much harder, if not altogether impossible.


The Ice Crystal floating in the boat on the river behind Geoffrey's Parts Shop.


An updated image of the Ice Crystal's current location, as of 0.1.0o. The boat that the crystal is above is just to the right of the stone bridge leading to the church, which can be seen in the background.

Touching the CrystalEdit

Unlike the two named crystals, the Light Crystal (Protection) and the Dark Crystal (Fear), the Ice Crystal has no unique visual effect upon picking it up. It also remains labeled as Ice Crystal (Unknown). This is possibly because it's development is not complete. This is similar to the fire crystal.

Unknown water

The Ice Crystal being held with right-click in the Blacksmith's Shop.