Ingots are an available resource in My Little Blacksmith Shop.

Obtaining Edit

Ingots can be obtained through the place order or through Mining . A total of 8 copper ingots are available at the start of a game.


The seven types of ingots.

Ingot Place Order Cost
Copper Ingot $ 10
Tin Ingot $ 500
Iron Ingot $ 10,000
Adelite Ingot $ 100,000
Mithril Ingot $ 1,000,000
Adamatine Ingot $ 10,000,000
Titanium Ingot $ 100,000,000

 As of Alpha 0.0.82, Ingots can also be obtained through mining. You need a Copper Pickaxe in order to mine Copper Ore from the Mines, and then need to smelt the ore at the smelter to the side of the shop to get a heated Ingot. You will still need to purchase Tin Ingots through the place order in order to mine Tin Ore, and so on for all ore types.

In order to power the smelter, coal can be mined from the Mines with a Copper Pickaxe. Various types of firewood can also be used, from cutting down trees and chopping up logs with a One Hand Axe.

Usage Edit

Ingots are used to build weapon heads .

Cooled ingots need to be turned into heated ingots by heating them on the forge before being smithed on the anvil.

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