Logs are obtained by chopping down trees with a one hand axe, and can be further chopped down into 4-6 firewood for smelting. Most trees can be found in the Woods.

In addition to the common log, there are uncommon logs which produce Rare Fire Wood instead. (This is no longer the case as of 0.0.9, please update)


Bugs Edit

Common Wood Logs and Rare Wood Logs will re-randomize which of the two they are upon loading a game's save (0.0.82)

History Edit

Alpha 0.0.82:

  • Added - Experience can be gained by mining and cutting trees and splitting logs
  • Added - Save function for Horse, wagon, logs and firewood

Alpha 0.0.8:

  • Added - Mining and logging 1.0.

Alpha 0.0.73:

  • Added- Trees can be cut down (Sandbox).