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  • Ooooooh... I don't use...well..

    I don't make many accounts, and don't often use the ones I make for things. I left another comment over on Issues about the Trello Bug List, I might rework my post too, e...ventually...

    The issues themselves are mostly taken and condensed already over on the trello list. - The fixes are extremely wordy (if present) on mine. I can try and figure out if I can help out there if need be.

    some of the information on the Trello bug list however is... Repetitive still. Some of them cite "possible" bugs, while I've since felt like I've learned what the "real" bug is, and it varies slightly from the old info.

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    • "the Revised" list is at K's bug list

      Its the "2nd" post by me, starts with a bold/italics "Exhaustion"

      The "Legacy" is the stuff I'd have to put in a dropbox.

      Do you still want that? or will the link suffice?

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    • Yeah I'll work off this. Thanks for your help.

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