My Little Blacksmith Shop focuses directly on creating weapons out of metal. Therefore, learning about the various types of metal is key.

Types Edit

There are seven kinds of metals in the game as of Alpha 0.0.82. They are, in order of value and rarity, Copper, Tin, Iron, Adelite, Mythril, Adamantine, and Titanium. Each metal part must be created from the corresponding ingots.

All metal blades

The seven metal types as one-handed blade blanks.


The seven metal types as ingots.

Metal Tier Edit

How it applies to mining and customers Edit

Carbon -> Copper -> Tin -> Bronze -> Zinc -> Brass -> Iron -> Steel -> Adelite -> Mithril -> Adamatine -> Titanium

Customers will generally accept any Tier below requested tier, They will also accept One Tier up

(Mining Is Tier or lower only)

This doesn't apply, however, to requests with specifications.

Example of "specifications" -> Copper one hand sword with an uncommon grip, and one hand guard v4

Customers like this MUST be given the exact tier they request.

This is roughly the way they are mined, as well, i.e, Tin cannot mine Zinc, but Iron can, Copper and everything above can mine Coal, which produces Carbon sometimes.

(Shields as of version 0.0.9e, do not follow this guideline, if a customer asks for a copper item and shield - the shield can be titanium for all the customer cares,and they will pay accurate price)

Alloy creation and pricing Edit

The current alloys present in game are Bronze, Brass, and Steel, In order of tier up.

Bronze is the easiest to mass produce, as its component are both purchased,

The easiest way to make an alloy is to first turn the smelter on then insert one of the core ingredients (copper, copper, or Iron) then insert the next ingredient, once it takes, you can insert a new core ingredient, and repeat. - this will work "smoother" - It is still possible to set one of the ingredients in and then turn the smelter on, but you have to wait longer for the smelter to be ready for other ingredients.

Alloys all produce 2x - so one tin and one copper = 2 bronze, when you can afford your first tin ingot, you can immediately have 2 bronze at your disposal, instead.

the Price per ingot of each alloy is, generally, a small degree better than the components.

Example: 2 Bronze ingots base-price 1300 (1s 300c)

2 tin ingots base price 1000 (1s)

2 copper ingots base price 20c

so its 510 for copper+tin, but 650 for Bronze - and the 2 tin and copper (1s 20c) would make 4 bronze (2s 600c)

Iron+ is required to mine Zinc.

Side-Note: "core" ingredients above is a stable ingredient from bronze, brass, and steel, to prevent accidents.

There is no Carbon or Zinc ingot, and inserting either, alone, into the smelter will result in vaporizing the ore with no result

Thus is why it is recommended to start with a core ingredient, and then immediately after, load in the other ingredient.

Brass is only marginally better than Bronze. a 2 brass base price is 1500, bronze is 1300, meaning each ingot is only 100c diff.