The Mine can be found behind the Woods, and is the most convenient location to find many veins of Ores. The entrance is a large metal door with a torch on one side. Inside the mines is very dark and sight distance without light is heavily reduced, making going in difficult without a Lantern or other light source. A Pickaxe must also be equipped in order to mine in the first place, and it is also heavily recommended to bring a Crate in order to more easily transport mined materials. After going deep enough in and around a bend, you are able to start to find glowing crystals in the cave which help visibility. One vein of ore can be found a distance before the first crystal, but is hard to find without a mobile light source. Two more veins are along the mountain outside of the mines but do take some walking in order to reach.


Deeper inside there are 7 veins of Ores, which can be found in the low light provided in the caves, but familiarity with their location or a light source is recommended to find them all. Towards the back of the mine a door can be found (pictured) with no current known use, although another door has been found a fair bit away along the left side mountain past the earth crystal altar and on the side of the mountain opposite to the mountain with the mine you will find a door identical to the one in the mine, perhaps in a future update the 2 doors will be connected but nothing else is known on the matter, also while going along the left side of the mountain close to the door there is another ore vein beyond the one close to the mine.

Ore Vein Regeneration Edit

Ore Veins randomize if at full health upon loading a game save, fully depleted veins do so when the player sleeps, otherwise if mined at all a vein waits until the turn of the day to refill health and re-randomize ore. Do note that higher tiered ores are less common to be selected as a vein type, as well as less likely to be received from a vein when mined. Specific values are not currently known.

History Edit

Alpha 0.0.82:

  • Fixed - FPS issues when nearing cave
  • Fixed - You can no longer mine depleted veins
  • Fixed - Ore veins will reset after 24 hours.
  • Changed - Ore veins have had their drop chances adjusted and changed their rarity.

Alpha 0.0.8:

  • Added - Cave 1.0
  • Added - Mining and logging 1.0.
  • Changed - Mining ore resets every 23 hours