Gathering ores Edit

If a player has a pickaxe equipped (by pressing "E" while looking at a pickaxe), they can visit the Mine and mine various ores, coal, and stone. It is recommended to bring a crate, if not multiple crates, and a light source. Once you have harvested some ore, you can put it into a crate and deliver it to the smelter

Inserting materials Edit


Insert your ores in to the top hole of the smelter, and fuel into the left hole. Press the red button next to the fuel slot and the melting process will begin. Ingots will form and pop out of the cast, yielding exactly 1 ingot per ore. The ingots will be fully heated upon ejection. Fuel will be burned as long as there is fuel still available, or until it is toggled off by pressing the red fuel button again.

Fueling the Smelter Edit

The smelter can be fueled by inserting either coal or firewood into the fuel slot on the left side. Coal can be obtained from the mine in coal veins, while firewood can be obtained by chopping down trees and turning the logs into firewood using an axe. Only one fuel source will be burned at a time, so stocking up the smelter to burn for longer is possible.

Fuel Source Fuel Ticks** Max Ingots Produced*
Coal 200 13+(.3-.6)
Rare Fire Wood 100 7±(.4)
Fire Wood 100 7±(.4)

*Decimals are purely speculation at the moment.

**Ticks may not be related to actual fuel output. Also it seems like

It has also been found out that firewood in sandbox mode has about 20 fuel ticks and smelts at most 2 ingots.

History Edit

Alpha 0.0.82:

  • Fixed - Smelter: Placing any object along with wood/coal and removing the fuel would still cause the burner to be on indefinitely.

Alpha 0.0.81:

  • Smelter no longer burning fuel when fuel removed
  • Smelter button toggle.

Alpha 0.0.8:

  • Added - Smelter to the blacksmith shop.
  • Added - Mining and logging 1.0.
  • Added - Coal
  • Fixed - Smelter will properly queue each ore.