Both variations of pole-arm with two different pole grips

Pole-arms are a type of weapon. While most weapons allow for different decorations of a weapon to be accepted, the Pole-arm is unique in that it allows for different weapon variants, a blade and a blunt, to either be used. Each head also uses a different number of ingots, allowing the player to either conserve resources or squeeze out extra sale profits from increasing material costs.

Assembly Edit

Variant 1 Edit

Small Blade Head - 1 Ingot

Polearm Grip

Variant 2 Edit

Blunt Head - 2 Ingots

Polearm Grip

History Edit

Alpha 0.0.4:

  • Added 4 small hammer heads, 1 large hammer head and 1 polearm grip. You can now combine them with the other weapon parts.