Smokey Blacksmith Edit

If you have ANY information about the Smokey Blacksmith please put it here, I have NOT seen him and I only have a small bit of information, so far my information is, A black Smoke Ghost, Disappears when you get close, And has multiple sides (Front, Back, You Know.) DO NOT DELETE THIS PARAGRAPH JUST ADD INFORMATION BELOW and if you can Pictures as well - PhoenixReborn1.

The Smokey Blacksmith is a ghost-like figure that is tall, and more detailed than every npc in the game body-shape wise. It looks similar to the golem previously visible in earlier versions of the game, where it would either stand still, or roam (depending on the version.) It also could be the very same ghost that would appear upon previously picking up the Dark Crystal in earlier versions, which would immediately screech as it disappeared upon walking any closer to the figure, just as the Smokey Blacksmith does, without the screech. One of the only sightings of the Smokey Blacksmith occurred on the morning after the night of the seventh day (Day seven rolls around, runs its course, and turns to night: that is when it was seen.) The Smokey Blacksmith Appeared to be floating, and holding still otherwise without any animation other than a slight bobbing up and down. The figure had some smoke particles swirling around it low to the ground.

Blacksmith Smokey guy
Blacksmith Smokey guy2